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Volume 8, Issue 2, April 2024

Open Access
K.M. Petrov
Abstract: Concepts concerning the major role of tectonic movements in the formation of morphostructures that caused the environmental features of the coastal zone are substantiated. Landscapes correspond to regional morphostructures, and morphological units of horizontal landscape dissection correspond to local morphostructures. The
Abstract       References PDF (1969 k) 30 Downloads     1319 Views     DOI: 10.54647/environmental610399

Volume 8, Issue 1, February 2024

Open Access
K.M. Petrov, A.S. Unagaev
Abstract: Natural factors, technical means for remote monitoring and methodology for interpreting remote sensing images are discussed. Natural factors that determine the monitoring conditions include hydrometeorological regime, topography, soil, and thickets of submerged aquatic vegetation. Submarine topographical features, soils and
Abstract       References PDF (4393 k) 34 Downloads     91348 Views     DOI: 10.54647/environmental610391
Open Access
Gophen Moshe
Abstract: During a historical period of more than 100 years, the function of the P3 and P4 thoracic appendages in Daphnia was defined as filtering. The role of P3 and P4 flapping was indicated as the creator of internal water circulation aimed at gas exchange (respiration) and feeding mechanism. Precise examination of in vivo cinemat
Abstract       References PDF (166 k) 21 Downloads     1342 Views     DOI: 10.54647/environmental610397

Volume 7, Issue 3, June 2023

Open Access
K.M. Petrov
Abstract: The study of analytical patterns in the evolution of individual components of the oceanosphere was laid down in oceanology by the programme of the first oceanological expedition aboard the Challenger at the end of the 19th century. The national geographical school solves problems that are relevant both in physical geography
Abstract       References PDF (176 k) 92 Downloads     61136 Views     DOI: 10.54647/environmental610367
Open Access
Daka Jimmy J, Joseph Nondo, Hyden Simwatachela
Abstract: Sorption of heavy metal ions by different pectin-rich materials such as waste citrus peels and pectin extracts is emerging as a low-cost and double-headed solution technique for metallic contaminant removal and biomass solid waste management. Heavy metal ions present in drinking water and foods have remained a challenge, as
Abstract       References PDF (1684 k) 90 Downloads     61368 Views     DOI: 10.54647/environmental610368

Volume 7, Issue 2, April 2023

Open Access
ZHANG Jinzhong, FAN Xiangru, LIAO Yun, ZHANG Donghe, YANG Yijin
Abstract: With more and more oil and gas fields being exploited at home and abroad, serious corrosion problems have been caused to gathering and transportation pipelines, which has become a major problem affecting the safe production and transportation of oil and gas. Corrosion inhibitor is one of the most commonly used protection me
Abstract       References PDF (303 k) 89 Downloads     61317 Views     DOI: 10.54647/environmental610349
Open Access
Li Baosheng, Li Sizhe
Abstract: Industrial experiments on the hydrometallurgical recovery of heavy metals were carried out to identify ways to prevent heavy metal leaching from stainless steel tail slag and provide a scientific basis for producing steel slag fertilizers. The results showed that the comprehensive recovery percentages for metals could reach
Abstract       References PDF (387 k) 64 Downloads     61092 Views     DOI: 10.54647/environmental610361

Volume 7, Issue 1, February 2023

Open Access
Jaji Abdurrosyid, Fathul Ngalim, Renaningsih, Agus Riyanto, Gotot Slamet Mulyono
Abstract: Tirtomarto reservoir or their people call it the Delingan reservoir because of its location in the village of Delingan, Karanganyar District, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java Province in Indonesia, it has an important role in meeting irrigation needs for agricultural land covering area of ​​1380 ha every year, but over tim
Abstract       References PDF (1328 k) 79 Downloads     61265 Views     DOI: 10.54647/environmental61328

Volume 6, Issue 4, August 2022

Open Access
Zhiyuan Li, Zungang Wang, Hui Cui, Haijun Fan, Ying Wang, Li Fu, Xianyun Ai
Abstract: We developed a novel Thick Gas Electron Multiplier (THGEM) film based on simulation results. With new substrate material and homemade industrial PCB technology, the film has good stability, the gain of monolayer reaches 2×104 and the working voltage range exceeds 150V. Although the detection efficiency of monolayer THGEM de
Abstract       References PDF (2286 k) 86 Downloads     61200 Views     DOI: 10.54647/environmental61318

Volume 6, Issue 3, June 2022

Open Access
Kirill Petrov
Abstract: A system of units for detailed zoning is proposed reflecting the action of three factors: tectonic movements, subdivision of the shelf into three vertical belts and geographic zonation. The main initial unit of zoning of the shallow seabed is the underwater landscape. It occurs within one morphostructural county, one vertic
Abstract       References PDF (648 k) 73 Downloads     61564 Views     DOI: 10.54647/environmental61295

Volume 6, Issue 2, April 2022

Open Access
Abstract: Unrequested health effects of a long-term intake of arsenic contaminated ground water have been known since a long time in Nepal and other countries in South-East Asia. Nowadays, so called Kanchan filters are installed in the lowland of Nepal but their removal efficiency has hardly ever been evaluated. This mini review repo
Abstract       References PDF (130 k) 93 Downloads     61512 Views     DOI: 10.54647/environmental61284

Volume 6, Issue 1, February 2022

Open Access
Mohammad Reza Arasteh Taleshmekaiil, Bahareh Rouki, Yousef Ghaderpour, Leyla Khandan
Abstract: According to the predictable results about future climate change, the most important challenge of climate change in the world is increasing the temperature due to the emission and increase of greenhouse gases as a result of enormous population displacements at different scales. The increase in temperature has caused the ra
Abstract       References PDF (374 k) 80 Downloads     61604 Views     DOI: 10.54647/environmental61274

Volume 5, Issue 3, June 2021

Open Access
Nelieta B. Arnejo Bedoya
Abstract: Genus Ansonia of the family Bufonidae, order Anura of amphibians in the Philippines is found only in Mindanao Island. Current classification bares only two species, A. mcgregori and A. muelleri. However, the differences represent individual variation rather than species differentiation. Otherwise proven, these species mus
Abstract       References PDF (579 k) 85 Downloads     4094 Views     DOI: 10.54647/environmental61222
Open Access
Tolulope Eunice KOLAJO, Opeyemi Elizabeth ODULE
Abstract: A great number of wastes are generated globally. Traditional disposal strategies have a detrimental effect on the environment as they are often burned in incineration plants or buried in landfills, adding to CO2 emissions and can be potentially carcinogenic. In a bid to repurpose waste products and ultimately reducing pollu
Abstract       References PDF (408 k) 95 Downloads     5200 Views     DOI: 10.54647/environmental61237

Volume 5, Issue 2, April 2021

Open Access
Misiani Zachary, Lun Yin, Mwai Zacharia, Antonine Sakwa, Xiaohan Zhang, Yanyan Zheng, Bousted Mukolwe
Abstract: Our long-term study on the quantitative at-sea distribution of the upper trophic levels - seabirds and marine mammals - in polar ecosystems aims at quantifying the factors influencing their distribution as well as detecting possible spatial and temporal changes, with special attention to hydrography and global climate chang
Abstract       References PDF (4633 k) 140 Downloads     4387 Views     DOI: 10.54647/environmental61211
Open Access
Daniel Ameny, Alex Barakagira
Abstract: In Uganda, most parts of the country are not connected to the national grid that supplies hydroelectricity and those that are connected, occasionally face intermittent power supplies that stagnate smooth running of daily household activities and some microbusinesses. This prompted some members of the local community to star
Abstract       References PDF (359 k) 99 Downloads     4160 Views     DOI: 10.54647/environmental61220

Volume 5, Issue 1, February 2021

Open Access
KENFACK Chrislain Eric
Abstract: The current global warming context is being experienced by world populations through the extreme whether events, sea level rise, loss of biodiversity, increase rise of temperature, re-insurgence of climate-related diseases and important slow and sudden-onset environmental catastrophes enhanced or accelerated by climate chan
Abstract       References PDF (446 k) 193 Downloads     4619 Views     DOI: 10.54647/environmental61195

Volume 4, Issue 1, February 2020

Open Access
Bayisa Feye Bedane
Abstract: This paper concerns the ethnographic analysis of asymmetrical power relations created between actors holding competing views about nature conservation and preservation of cultural values in one of the highly conflict-affected protected areas in Ethiopia. The rhetoric of wilderness and the policies it implies were exported t
Abstract       References PDF (559 k) 232 Downloads     4299 Views     DOI:

Volume 3, Issue 5, October 2019

Open Access
Xinlei Liu, Xuxiang Li, Chunqi Li, Pingping Liu, Hao Fu
Abstract: Weinan region is a typical water-drinking endemic fluorosis area in China. However, during the investigation of fluorosis in Weinan, we found that there were specific areas with low or even no prevalence of fluorosis under high-fluoride drinking water conditions. These areas were defined as “Safe Islands”. The present study
Abstract       References PDF (695 k) 196 Downloads     5519 Views     DOI:
Open Access
Daniel, U.I, Otu, P.
Abstract: A 4- week toxicological study was conducted to ascertain the effect of spent lubricant on the mortality rate and physiological function of Earthworm (Lumbricus terrestris). A total of 50 Earthworms of weight ranging from 0.3g-0.7g each were collected and acclimated in a test soil for 2 weeks after which they were used for a
Abstract       References PDF (421 k) 234 Downloads     5223 Views     DOI:

Volume 3, Issue 4, August 2019

Open Access
Are K. S.
Abstract: Soil erosion remains a major threat to sustainable agricultural production and environment. More recent studies have highlighted the role of soil erosion in soil, water and environmental degradation. Many authors, in their research efforts, identified fertilizers and other agricultural inputs as the major driving forces of
Abstract       References PDF (246 k) 233 Downloads     5576 Views     DOI:
Open Access
Yang Jianbo, Li Minghui, Wang Li, weng Jinpan
Abstract: Accurate and scientific assessment of cultivated land quality is of great significance for controlling the production efficiency of cultivated land and finely managing cultivated land resources. Taking Luyi County as an example, this paper uses 20164 arable map spots as the grading unit, combining quantitative and qualitati
Abstract       References PDF (2784 k) 274 Downloads     5721 Views     DOI:
Open Access
Mehmet F. Taner, Maria Skyllas-Kazacos, Patrick Houle
Abstract: Vanadium is a strategic metal which is widely utilized in a variety of applications; (i) 63% in the production of high-quality metal alloys such as high-strength steel engineered for pipeline and commercial rebar applications (ii) 24% in the titanium-aluminum-vanadium alloys produced for the aerospace industry; and (iii) 13
Abstract       References PDF (2248 k) 243 Downloads     6015 Views     DOI:

Volume 3, Issue 3, June 2019

Open Access
Mariyana Lyubenova, Snejana Dineva, Kristiana Cala, Branislav Dinich, Silvena Boteva
Abstract: Copper express ecotoxicity at higher concentrations in aquatic environment, even it is an essential trace element. The contamination of environment with copper appears by manufacturing of rolled and extruded copper and copper alloy products. There is a gap of knowledge how the toxicity of copper is changes in dependence on
Abstract       References PDF (566 k) 364 Downloads     5911 Views     DOI:

Volume 3, Issue 2, April 2019

Open Access
Dirisu, C.E., E.Biose, I.T. Aighewi
Abstract: ABSTRACTThis study characterized some indices of heavy metals in the soils of Ewhare dumpsite and adjoining land in Agbaro-Warri, Delta State, in Nigeria’s Niger Delta in order to ascertain the status and degree of contamination there. Six soil samples were collected within the dumpsite or down slope location (DS) and the a
Abstract       References PDF (466 k) 285 Downloads     5514 Views     DOI:
Open Access
Aleksandr S. Frid, Tatiana I. Borisochkina
Abstract: Abstract The parameters of migration models of Cr, Ni, Cu, Pb, F in the soils of the Eastern Orenburg technogenic biogeochemical province are estimated. The enterprises of ferrous metallurgy, non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical industry are concentrated in this region, and there are many-year soil pollution. The results of fi
Abstract       References PDF (268 k) 332 Downloads     5230 Views     DOI:

Volume 3, Issue 1, February 2019

Open Access
Jülide Erkmen
Abstract: Along with the increasing world population and advancing technology, energy needs increase with each passing day and, consequently, necessitate the search for new energy sources. Increasing energy production has led to environmental pollution that has reached levels that threaten human health. This study proposes a model t
Abstract       References PDF (391 k) 343 Downloads     5769 Views     DOI:
Open Access
Li Yunlong
Abstract: This article describes the process of replacing imported bearings with domestic composite sliding bearings in the hydroelectric engineering industry from three main aspects: thrust bearing of hydraulic generator, water distributor bearing of hydraulic turbine and spherical plain bearing of steel gate of hydraulic metal stru
Abstract       References PDF (238 k) 281 Downloads     5554 Views     DOI:

Volume 2, Issue 2, April 2017

Open Access
M.A. Oyinloye, B.O. Olofinyo
Abstract: The quarrying industry is of vital importance to all aspects of modern day life and development. However, searching, locating and extracting materials used for construction activities pose some problems to the environment which normally result in the damaging of the immediate environment and atmosphere. The aim of study is
Abstract       References PDF (1056 k) 313 Downloads     6120 Views     DOI:
Open Access
Adams Sadick, Richard Amfo-Otu, Emmanuel Dugan, Calys-Tagoe Edward
Abstract: A research was conducted at Botanga irrigation area to assess the levels of selected irrigation water quality parameters. The parameters considered were pH, electrical conductivity (ECw), total dissolved solids (TDS), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), sodium (Na), sodium adsorption ratio (SAR) and bicarbonate (HCO3-). Water sam
Abstract       References PDF (302 k) 306 Downloads     5813 Views     DOI:
Open Access
Ameen Yahya Rageh, Maged Ahmed Al-Garadi, Mohammed Hezam Al-Mashreki
Abstract: The current research is designed to assess the impact of wastewater use on the soils, water resources and public health comparing with chemical, biological and physical analysis with local and international standards. One sample was collected from outlet of wastewater treatment system, ten ground water samples and eight soi
Abstract       References PDF (622 k) 294 Downloads     6238 Views     DOI:
Open Access
Elmira Nazar, Keith A. Strevett* Ph.D.
Abstract: Fecal enumeration is a key factor in determining the quality of a water source. Accuracy and reliability of fecal analysis is dependent upon several variables, viz. incubation temperature, specific conductivity, pH, nutrient availability, population density, suspended solids concentration, etc. The goal of this study was to
Abstract       References PDF (491 k) 270 Downloads     5628 Views     DOI:

Volume 2, Issue 1, February 2017

Open Access
Rafael Marín Galvín, José Miguel Rodríguez Mellado
Abstract: Emerging pollutants in urban waste water has increased significantly their levels over the last 15 years having both industrial origin and domestic one. Once these contaminants reach to an urban WWTP, in most cases operated by aerobic biological process, the treatment capacity of these effluents therein suffers greatly. Thu
Abstract       References PDF (472 k) 349 Downloads     5832 Views     DOI:

Volume 1, Issue 2, December 2016

Open Access
Maryam I. Habadi, Chris. P. Tsokos
Abstract: Global warming is considered one of the important issues facing our planet. Global warming is the increase in average global temperatures caused mostly by increases in Carbon Dioxide CO_2. During the last two decades, the CO_2 emission in the Middle Eastern countries increased by over 200% based on The Energy Information A
Abstract       References PDF (931 k) 373 Downloads     5897 Views     DOI:

Volume 1, Issue 1, October 2016

Open Access
Li-ren Yu, Jun Yu
Abstract: This paper reports a refined numerical simulation for Amazon River, aiming to develop a mathematical model and numerical tool for modeling and predicting turbulence flows and contaminant transport in complex natural waters. In the mathematical model, the depth-averaged two-equation closure turbulence k-omega model, togeth
Abstract       References PDF (2257 k) 476 Downloads     5886 Views     DOI:
Open Access
Shiyam, J. O, Binang, W. B., Stephen, G. E.
Abstract: A field experiment conducted at the Teaching and Research Farm of the Department of Crop Science, University of Calabar, evaluated the effect of poultry (PM) and goat manures (GM) on soil properties and the performance of okra. Treatments comprised 3 x 3 factorial combinations of PM and GM rates each at 0, 5 and 10 t/ha in
Abstract       References PDF (230 k) 352 Downloads     6093 Views     DOI: